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dxtime 1.2.3 for Windows

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Description:Effortlessly keep track of time and your important activities with the help of this overly simplistic and streamlined software solution
Version:dxtime 1.2.3
File name:dxtime-1.2.3-setup.exe
File size:
6.4 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:July 22, 2021
Downloaded:1,327 times
Developer:David Vachulka


is a simplistic piece of software designed to provide you with a simple and intuitive way to keep track of time and your most important tasks.
The application features a minimalist user-interface without many elements that could distract your from the task at hand. The main window of dxtime is what you would call clean, as it offers you a small collection of information and it offers you quick access to the most important features.
Right off the bat, it must be pointed out that in terms of features, dxtime does not offer you a lot. The application enables you to record only single sessions, therefore you cannot simultaneously keep track of multiple tasks.
You are also provided with the options to view records from the current day, week, month or all the sessions recorded so far, and that is about it. The sessions are displayed via a designated panel from where you can observe the starting and the ending time, as well as the total amount of time per recorded session.
This would be a good time to point out that the application does not actually display the total amount of time per session, regardless of our efforts and tests on multiple machines with various Windows versions.
And, if we are at the subject of features that do not properly work, we should also point out that the app’s interface is not thoroughly designed. For example, when right clicking a recording session, the contextual menu appears at a few inches over its supposed position.
In addition, the application comes with support for exporting your time tracking sessions to formats like CSV and HTML. Unfortunately, we have found this feature to be quite unreliable, as it does not work at all on modern versions of Windows.
But besides this, it comes the issue with dxtime’s usefulness. In a world and age where most watches and all mobile phones have time tracking features, dxtime feels a bit out of place.
All in all, not only does dxtime come with a handful of problems with both its internal engine and its interface optimization, but it does not provide you with any kind of modern functions.
Of course, the problems are not hard to fix, but in order for dxtime to be a truly useful app, it needs to up the game a bit and come with a more modern interface and more advanced features, for example, a function that would concurrently allow you to track multiple tasks.

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