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Description:The easiest way to rip a movie from a DVD
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Sep 16th, 2021
Author:Feangtao Software


If you’re looking for a simple program to back up your original DVDs, DVDFab is for you. Just insert the movie and the blank DVD and press the ‘start’ button.

The entire movie (including menus and extras like trailers, special features, etc.) will begin copying itself. The amount of time this process takes will depend on the speed of your computer, the speed of your processor, and the size of the DVD.

If you want to copy the movie without subtitles or extras, you can choose to copy everything but those elements. The movie can also be imported from the hard drive if you’ve already ripped it.

DVDFab supports NTSC and PAL formats, can compress a DVD-9 into a single DVD with perfect quality, and bypasses regional restrictions. Now you can back up your original discs without all the hassle.

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