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Description:The easiest way to copy a DVD movie
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:May 27th, 2021
Author:Feangtao Software


If you are searching for an easy application to create backups of your original DVDs, DVDFab Express is what you need.

Aren’t you an advanced user? don’t worry, it’s the simpliest way you’ll find to create them: Insert the original DVD, insert a blank DVD and press Start, it’s easy, isn’t it?

The whole movie (including all kind of menus and extras like trailers, photos, special features,…) will be copied in a period of time which will depend on the reading speed of your drives, the processor and the size of the movie.

If you want to copy only the movie, no extra features, subtitles or other languages, you only have to choose what you want to copy and it will create the backup with the content you want.

It supports NTSC and PAL, it allows you to convert a DVD-9 into a DVD with high quality and delete zone restrictions.

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