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Dropbox 123.4.4832 for MAC

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Description:2 GB online shared storage system
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:May 27th, 2021
Author:Evenflow Inc.


DropBox is a social storage system that has a 2 GB capacity and allows you to store any file to share it with other users or as a back-up copy.

The application integrates perfectly into Finder, and is only one additional folder in the directory structure. The files or folders that you copy into DropBox synchronize automatically with the files on your existing user account on the internet.

The file transfer is realized through an excellent web interface that allows you to monitor the different versions of a file that have been uploaded, making it possible to recover the original of a file that has been updated several times. Only the part of the file that has been modified is transferred, which allows you to save bandwidth when it comes time to save large files.

DropBox includes a system of shared folders that any user can access with a previous invitation. It is ideal for sharing pictures with family and friends, as they are presented in a gallery format. Finally, any file is accessible from the internet as it has its own URL.

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