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DreamPlan Plus 6.40 for Windows

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App Name

DreamPlan Plus

Description:Create a 3D model of your dream house
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 16th, 2021


DreamPlan Plus is a complete tool that’ll help you create a digital recreation of any type of building, from scratch.

Whether you’re thinking about building, restoring or you’re simply curious about what your dream house would look like, DreamPlan Plus is the only tool you need. From its intuitive interface you can create complete 3D models of any type of building and edit them to meet your needs in both the inside and outside of the structure. Once you’ve got your model completed, DreamPlan Plus lets you export the 2D blueprints, and if you’ve already created a sketch in this program, any other user can import the 3D dimensions of the project to their program.

The editing controls that DreamPlan Plus includes are really easy to use. Just pick the element that you want to implement inside your model, double click its name on the menu and drag it to the spot where you want to place it. You can also edit the different types of floors, wall papers and exterior textures and pick among the 100 different designs. One of the most interesting features that DreamPlan Plus includes is the easy implementation of mods that can help you add any element that you’re missing in the original program.

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