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Dos2Unix 7.4.2 for Windows

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Description:Packed inside a lightweight package, this application can help you convert DOS and MAC encoded text files to Unix-compliant documents
Version:Dos2Unix 7.4.2
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185 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 3, 2021
Downloaded:7,184 times
License:BSD License
Developer:Erwin Waterlander


is a console-based application capable of performing conversions between DOS coding and Unix files. It features options that enable you to transform text files with DOS encoding into files with Unix line breaks.
Despite its name, converting between DOS and Unix formats is not the only function of this application, as it comes with an utility that can perform the reverse operation. Moreover, the package bundles other tools that allow the conversion of MAC encoded text files to Unix and viceversa.
Alongside English, Dos2Unix natively supports various languages, namely Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian and Esperanto. It also enables you to convert the file encoding mode from UTF-16 to UTF-8.
There are various other options at your disposal. You can instruct the application to only act upon line breaks or convert between DOS and ISO character sets. By default, the application skips binary files, but you can configure it to force their conversion.
Dos2Unix can optionally convert 8-bit characters to 7-bit spaces and can be instructed to preserve the original file dates. It can handle Unicode Byte Order Marks and supports ASCII, ISO, 7-bit, MAC conversion modes.
You can create a new file to save the output or overwrite the old one. The application can run in quiet mode, which means that all warnings will be automatically suppressed.
Dos2Unix comes with support for multiple conversion modes that can help you modify the encoding type of your DOS, MAC and Unix text files. It only runs in the command prompt, so some might find it a bit difficult to use. However, the simple syntax makes it easy to handle by those who are familiar with the console and the way it is used.

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