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DoNotSpy10 for Windows

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Description:Protect your Windows 10 system and maintain it clean, by tweaking certain options, including disabling the application’s direct access to PC functions
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:July 19, 2021
Downloaded:18,023 times
License: Ad-supported  


is a system tweak application that allows you to disable certain functions in Windows 10 or to block programs’ access to computer functions. Its purpose is to protect your system and diagnose issues related to the computer’s functions or settings.
DoNotSpy10 allows you to disable certain functions in Windows 10, such as automatic system updates, biometrics or the Lock Screen Camera function. The program lists all the options that you can tweak, each with a checkbox next to them. The column on the left contains short descriptions or definitions for each of the tweak options.
For instance, there are several options, especially those regarding the automatic Windows updates that are only supported in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10. Moreover, the descriptions may contain warnings for cases when disabling a certain function presents a privacy risk.
DoNotSpy10 allows you to disable system functions, including ‘Getting to know me’, Handwriting Data Sharing, Location, OneDrive, the Password Reveal button, Sending Writing Info or the biometrics. You can modify network options, such as to disable Web search, the WiFi Sense, Windows Media DRM Internet Access or feedback requests.
The tool also allows you to disable or enable the automatic sync with removable devices, or the applications’ access to certain computer functions: camera, calendar, microphone or account info. You can turn off any automatic function that gains access to your personal data, which makes the application suitable for protecting your privacy. Moreover, the program can create a restore point before you change any settings.
While DoNotSpy10 seems to be a reliable application, designed to help you protect your computer, Windows 10 and the local browsers might not trust it. Occasionally, your antivirus might block this utility from being downloaded, so you might need to temporarily turn it off. The reason behind this could be the nature of the application, but once installed it can help you with important privacy issues.

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