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Dominoes 1.0.56 for Android

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Description:Super fun rounds of the classic dominoes game
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 24th, 2021
Author:Carl Hopf


Dominoes is a game that lets you play rounds of the classic dominoes game using your Android smartphone. The game includes a really simple interface, so you’ll feel like you’re actually participating in a real dominoes match at all times.

Playing Dominoes is really easy and the rules are practically the same ones as that of the classic game. All you have to do is place the pieces on the board in order to connect similar numbers. The player who runs out of dominoes pieces first wins the round. Plus, you can always choose the game mode that you want to play using the main screen. One of the most entertaining features of the game is that you can play in rounds of up to 4 players.

Each player appears on either one of the four corners of the screen. This feature lets you identify each player’s turn to play (including yours).

Dominoes makes it really easy for you to have fun while you play countless rounds of this classic game. All you have to do is pay close attention to your smartphone’s screen to keep an eye on the pieces that you can connect and beat all your rivals.

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