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Description:Manage documents and catalog them by type and date.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Docs is designed to catalog the electronic invoices, cataloging of tickets as receipts of purchase and other types of documents. In short order to keep all those documents that we receive or in paper form or electronically and that there would be convenient to keep organized in our Mac.With Docs you can catalog your files quickly and easily. Create categories, add in events and add your files by dragging them into the program.Enter the date, title and a brief description of future events.D rag the mouse and your files will be automatically entered into the program.Among the preferences of this application there is the possibility of change:

The transition that appears in the shift from one table to another
The opportunity to decide what to do with the file while dragging and during disposal.
In fact you can choose whether to move the file, copy it or create a link, and you can decide to delete file or not.Also in this latest version introduces the ability to create and restore backups.

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