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Disk Clean Pro

Disk Clean Pro

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Disk Clean Pro

Description:Find and remove space-wasting files.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
Paid • One-Time Purchase


Disk Clean Pro is a collection of powerful features to improve the overall performance of your Mac. These collective features in one tool are exclusively to keep your system running fast and smooth. You don’t need to clean your disk manually to free up space. Simply click on any of the features and see the magic of Disk Clean Pro.


On-tap cleaning: Have four essential disk cleaning features to clear user cache files, trash files, log files, and partly downloaded files. It helps to recover a lot of invaluable space. Disk clean pro automatically detects such files and folders that occupy unnecessary space.
Optimization: There are two powerful optimization features in Disk clean pro where you can keep your Mac away from duplicate data and can uninstall any unimportant app easily.
Manual Cleaning: It has three useful features that helps you to protect internet privacy, clean miscellaneous items and over-sized files that occupy large disk space.
Security: Help you to share out your private data safely and securely.

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