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Disco XT

Disco XT

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Disco XT

Description:Professional DJ mixing software.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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Disco XT is a versatile audio application for DJ mixing, music playback, and music management. The software has been designed for both realtime live performances and for creating mixes offline.


Manual and automated mixing modes, digital audio decks, mixer, sampler, extensive music library, playlist creation, effects, microphone input, recording mixes, customizable user interface, and more.
Two audio players with waveform displays and tempo / time-stretching.
Mixer with filters, EQs, crossfader and BPM detection.
Automated mixing with different editable transition types and a transition editor for creating precise transitions for particular songs with transition prelistening.
Dual output for separate headphone and speaker listening.
Limited / basic support for hardware controllers.
Music library with searching, genre, artist and album filters, artwork browser, customizable columns, song information editing, and optional iTunes library mirroring.
Creating and editing playlists and organizing playlists to folders.
Sampler for playing shorter audio samples in the mix, includes sample editor for cropping samples and for adjusting tempo and pitch of the samples.
User-editable effect chains with chorus/flanger, phaser, delay, filter, and advanced reverb.
Microphone input with voiceover for adding voice to the mix.
User-editable multipage tabbed interface. Recording audio output to a file with option for automatic splitting to multiple tracks.
Demo Limitations:

Playback is interrupted every 30 minutes.

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