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Deluxe Pacman for Windows

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Deluxe Pacman

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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The classic game which was born in the early 80s is the one we offer you today, because it does not matter if PacMan is now more than 35 years old, it is as trendy as it was when it was first played in 1980.

Yes, PacMan is more than a game, it is a symbol, pacman is universally known, it was very successful during its first days because it was one of the first games that was not about spaceships and sports and maybe more important, because it is an unisex game, yes Pacman is played by men and women of all ages.

Now you can play PacMan in your new computer and keeping that old look of one of the most famous videogames in history and adding a few new features, for example, the big dots in the corner are now different in each level and the music is different. Have a look to the past and get addicted again, because when you play pacman, it’s difficult to stop, very difficult. Come on, download Deluxe PacMan, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde are waiting for you, Mr. PacMan, don’t let them eat you and eat all the dots in the maze.

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