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Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

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Deep Sleep

Description:Widget hibernates some Macs.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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Deep Sleep… The default behavior of Mac OS X is to put sleeping computers in ‘hardware suspend’ mode, during which the RAM is still powered on. This widget allows the computer to enter ‘software suspend’ mode. Software suspend is a feature similar to what windows call ‘hibernation’: the computer consumes no power while sleeping, however the wake up process takes more time to complete.

Hibernation is made possible by the Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3 update. This operating system version is required.

Only the computers with ‘safe sleep’ feature are officially supported. For now, the only computers with this feature are the Powerbook ‘HD’ line of Apple laptops. Please read the included documentation for more information, including the possibilty to use this widget on unsupported computers.

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