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Dead Pixel Buddy 1.1 for Windows

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App Name

Dead Pixel Buddy

Description:Test for dead pixels
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Nov 18th, 2019
Author:Laptop Showcase


Dead Pixel Buddy is a program that lets you quickly check your monitor for dead pixels. The process is simple: the app turns your whole screen one color so that it’s easy to tell.

Choose from different colors to identify dead pixels. By default, you can turn the screen black, white, red, blue or green. Or, pick a different customized color if you wish. Whichever hue you choose, the whole screen turns this color so that you can tell if one of the pixels on your monitor isn’t responding properly.

Dead Pixel Buddy is a user-friendly platform that’s lightweight and doesn’t require any installation. This app helps you to tell whether your monitor has a dead pixel in a matter of seconds. Also, this test is particularly useful when you buy a new screen since they sometimes come with pixels that don’t respond to certain colors.

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