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DDE Server 4.0.53 Build 1006 for Windows

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DDE Server

Description:A lightweight plugin for Accurate Printer Monitor that can read sent and received information from the parser and direct it to applications that use DDE
Version:DDE Server 4.0.53 Build 1006
File name:ddeserver.exe
File size:
1.4 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 7, 2021
Downloaded:6,143 times
Developer:AGG Software


DDE Server
is a plugin designed for Accurate Printer Monitor in order to help you send parser generated data (received and signed) to other applications that use DDE, also known as Dynamic Data Exchange technology.
The plugin runs as a server, makes use of ports that communicate with
Microsoft Office
and provides features that allow you to concomitantly send multiple variables that are set during configuration. Data can be custom represented if real numbers are set, and the plugin is capable of automatically restoring parameters that have been saved.
With the help of DDE Server, you can obtain data from ports and use Dynamic Data Exchange to process it immediately. Other applications that support DDE, for example
Microsoft Excel
, can also use the received information. Moreover, using Excel you receive messages that notify you of material ready for print. Data exchanges via the port can be monitored in real time.
There is nothing worth mentioning about installation since this is performed quickly and with minimum interaction from your side. However, to be able to get the plugin up and running to find out what it can does, you must manually install Accurate Printer Monitor, whether before or after setting up this plugin.

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