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dbForge Search for SQL Server 2.5.51 for Windows

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dbForge Search for SQL Server

Description:Search for various SQL objects inside several databases by relying on this handy utility that integrates a wide variety of useful features
Version:dbForge Search for SQL Server 2.5.51
File name:searchsql25std.exe
File size:
45.7 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:September 10, 2021
Downloaded:476 times


dbForge Search for SQL Server
is a powerful Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio add-in that was designed to help database administrators simplify their work by providing them with reliable useful tools.
This utility might come in handy if users need a convenient way to perform queries against their databases, searching for SQL objects and other relevant information. In case the administrators need to navigate to a specific object, they no longer need to browse through the entire database looking for the desired information.
Objects that are stored within the database can be easily reached by searching its name so that the Object Search function can display all the routines that are related to it. Users can also customize their search by specifying various criteria, including database, type or connection. Performing these extra configurations before searching might help the utility narrow the list of results.
Additionally, administrators can opt to search for an object in multiple databases by toggling them on or off from the dedicated list. This function increases efficiency, as users no longer need to search for the same object in each database, one at a time.
Wildcards are also an option available when searching objects, as it can help administrators substitute any characters in a string. It is possible to match any number of characters, starting from zero or entire sets of characters that might be included or not in the string.
More so, users can also search for SQL fragments and the add-in automatically fetches any stored objects that include the user-defined string. For instance, searching for the “select” command returns code fragments that contain the string.

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