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Crowdsource 2.0.393094301 for Android

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Description:Work with Google and help the community
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 29th, 2021
Author:Google LLC


Crowdsource is an official Google app that lets you work with the community to carry out many different tasks. By doing this, you will gain experience, levels and medals.

The list of tasks that you can do with Crowdsource is pretty long. For example, when approving photos, you have to look at photos and say whether they have anything in common. When evaluating emotions, you can read reviews and comments from other Google users, and you have to specify whether they express positive, negative or neutral emotions.

Other ways to work with Crowdsource include approving translations, recognizing handwriting or identifying key points of Google Maps. Undertaking tasks like this will help you increase your level and earn medals.

Crowdsource is a Google app, thanks to which you can work with other Internet users to make everyone’s browsing experience better and easier.

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