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Crazy Browser for Windows

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Crazy Browser

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Crazy Browser is a web browser that looks similar to Internet Explorer, but includes some advanced functions.

One feature that really stands out is a built-in ability to perform different actions by combining mouse clicks and movements.

For example: you can go forward or backward (in your browsing history) by right-clicking and moving your mouse to the left at the same time (if you want to go back), or by right-clicking and moving to the right (if you want to go forward).

If you want to see the source code of a page, just trace a half-moon that descends to the right and right-click. The program’s webpage describes other special movements that are recognized by this browser.

Another tool included in the browser is a magnifying glass that you can use to make text and other elements of a page bigger.

Aside from these special features, Crazy Browser has everything you’d expect from a web browser: tabbed browsing, ad-blocking extensions, flash, etc.

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