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Coollector for MAC

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Operating System:MacOS
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Coollector is an application crossed between a database and film catalogue that can be quite useful for those cinema buffs who like to have their collection organized but aren’t thrilled with the idea of dedicating a lot of time to the task.

Coollector’s appeal lies in the fact that the user has to type in hardly any data. The movies, actors and other information that appears on each movie entry are pulled from the program database (which stays up-to-date via the Internet).

What you do have to include manually (if you want to) are details like the type of support, the audio track and subtitle language(s), and film duration or location.

Coollector’s film entries are quite comprehensive. In them you’ll find details on the plot and actors, ratings, and a few links where you can view trailers and official videos for each film (via PicLens).

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