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Cool APK 11.4 for Android

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App Name

Cool APK

Description:Find tons of Chinese apps and games

Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 3rd, 2021


Cool APK is an alternative Android app market where you can find thousands of apps and games mainly in Chinese. This platform’s catalog includes games from famous manga and anime franchises like Dragon Ball, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Evangelion, but keep in mind that almost all the content is available exclusively in Chinese.

Using Cool APK is easy. As with Uptodown, you don’t need a user account to download apps. All you have to do is browse the catalog, tap on the tabs that interest you, and tap the gray download button if you see something you like. After that, the app will start downloading the app or game in question and then install it. If an update is available, the app will send you a notification about that, too.

Cool APK’s catalog is its main draw. It includes tons of games and apps that can’t be found on Google Play and other western markets. But it’s important to remember that the language barrier might prove to be a significant obstacle. That said, if you understand Chinese or are willing to wade through it, you can download whatever you want.

Cool APK is an interesting alternative when it comes to finding Android games, especially if you’re searching for something popular in Asia. Many times, these games are released in China or Japan before other countries, although you can also watch for them on Uptodown, as we usually have them before most other sites.

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