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Concealer for MAC

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Operating System:MacOS
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Concealer is a great program for Mac that lets you hide and encrypt your files and documents easily and effectively. If you’re looking for this kind of tool, you’re in luck because Concealer is an excellent option.

With Concealer you can hide and encrypt your files in a matter of seconds. Nowadays it’s crucial to take steps to secure your documents, and once finished, you can hide all of your sensitive files from view. The program also has the option to create folders to keep everything organized, with other settings to adapt the folders to your preferences and needs.

Concealer also lets you save notes with private information like credit card numbers, receipts, license keys, web page registers, etc. You can even customize the image associated with each entry so you can browse and manage them easily within the program. Another great thing is that Concealer comes with many predesigned templates to save you time and energy when setting everything up.

Concealer is an excellent program that lets you optimize the security of your Mac. This powerful software can be a huge help in your daily life.

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