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CollageIt 3.6.0 for MAC

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Description:Create beautiful collages in seconds using your pictures
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Sep 12th, 2016


Collage It is a program that lets you create fun collages using the pictures you have on your hard drive.

All you need to do is select which photos you want to import (you can choose anywhere from two or three, to over a hundred), the background color, and how all of the images will be arranged.

There are numerous options for distributing the pictures on your canvas, you can overlap some on top of others, rotate them a little, frame them, resize them, etc..

Once you have finished your collage, all you have left to do is to save the image to your hard drive, the size of the file will depend on the size of the pictures you uploaded.

Collage It is a highly recommended application, that will let you make beautiful collages for your friends, families or partners in just a few minutes.

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