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Cloud System Booster for Windows

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Cloud System Booster

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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As your computer gets older and older, more errors start to appear and the files in the trash bin start to accumulate in your system background. This causes your computer to experience delays in carrying out actions or in starting up when it is turned on. With Cloud System Booster, you can undo all of these things and resuscitate your PC so it performs like when it was new.

This tool lets you clean up and optimize Windows. With a simple click, Cloud System Booster will start deleting useless files in order to optimize the functioning of the system, to clean the applications you have installed, and to repair errors in the registry.

All the temporary files, online traces, and invalid accesses will be erased completely from your computer. The program will also eliminate any erroneous entries in the registry in order to avoid serious problems with your system.

This tool scans and deletes all trash files created by multimedia applications, office suites, downloading software, security programs, and compression software.

The optimization motors in the cloud and the online database allow for better efficiency in speeding up and improving the performance of your system. This online task permits users to see their computer’s information in real time in order to improve maintenance services.

Cloud System Booster includes the Anvi Uninstaller tool, which uninstalls software and maintains your computer in good condition. Also, the program includes Anvi RAM Booster, which controls and optimizes your system’s RAM and CPU memory.

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