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ClearDisk 2.9 for MAC

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Description:Clean unnecessary files from your Mac
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Nov 10th, 2018


If your Mac is full of trash, applications you no longer use, and leftover files you no longer need – but you’re not sure where they are – then ClearDisk is a great option for freeing up some space in your memory.

With this tool, you can locate all the files that take up space but don’t really help you with anything important. The application is divided into four categories: languages, downloads, caches, and trash. The first section compiles all files that contain different languages used in an application and, in many cases, are elements downloaded by the application itself. This tool helps you get rid of options in programs that you don’t use or, in some cases, elements you have more than one of.

The second option helps you delete recently downloaded items you no longer need. In the third section, you can clean your cache, which stores elements used to load a page or application more quickly, taking up space unnecessarily. And finally, the last section will empty your trash. All these actions can be performed with just one click, or you can mark or unmark special cases in which you want to save or delete everything. On the bottom of the screen, you’ll see how much space you could save by deleting everything stored at once.

Free up space and make your computer faster with ClearDisk, cleaning the memory of your Mac with just one click.

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