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CleanApp 5.1.3 for MAC

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Description:Time to do the clean up in your system
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:May 4th, 2020
Author:Synium Software


CleanApp is the application that ill save space in disk after having been run. It will clean up your computer and will give you a new vision of your machine.

It will delete applications and files you don’t use, useless files, junk folders and all that stuff you don’t need and are wasting your Hard Disk.

Of course you will be able to create a backup to be sure what you are deleting is totally useless. In case you fail, you’ll only have to restore the backup.

It also includes an application called Logging that will create a report featuring what all applications have done during the day. Have a list of the oldest files in HD, screensavers, cache, etc.

In short, CleanApp is the application you need if you want to do the clean up in your Mac.

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