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Cinemana 4.7.7 for Android

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Description:Info and reviews on movie releases
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Feb 16th, 2021


Shabakaty Cinemana is an app through which you can stay informed about the ratings different new movie releases are receiving. With quite a simple design, you simply have to observe each film and tap it to discover more details.

Note that just by looking at the star rating you can get an immediate idea of the critical reception and user views on a movie. If you delve into the full page for each feature you can learn even more about the production.

Another of the outstanding features in Shabakaty Cinemana is that the tool also provides the possibility of viewing movie trailers. This makes it so you don’t have to turn to other platforms to discover more details about any of these films.

With Shabakaty Cinemana you’ll have essential data to stay informed about the latest film releases. Through reviews from users who’ve seen each movie and the data provided by the platform, you’ll get an idea about whether you’re likely to enjoy every film.

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