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Chrome Dev 94.0.4606.19 for Android

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App Name

Chrome Dev

Description:Always have the latest version of Chrome
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 25th, 2021
Author:Google LLC


Chrome Dev is an independent app from Google Chrome that lets you access the latest version of this powerful browser before other users. It’s important to note that the applications are independent of one another, so you can have both installed with no issues arising.

With this last point in mind, Chrome Dev is basically the same Chrome that most users have installed on their Android devices by default, with a few new developments. So, naturally, this is a great browser that focuses on a simple, elegant design, though it doesn’t always provide all the features it should.

The most interesting thing about Chrome Dev is the ability to sync it with your desktop version of Chrome. Thanks to this feature, you can have the same tabs open on your computer and your Android and share your bookmarks and history.

Chrome Dev is an excellent browser for Android and ideal if you always, always want to be totally up to date.

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