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Checker Plus for Google Drive 8.1.1 for Windows

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Checker Plus for Google Drive

Description:A useful browser extension that allows you to browse your Google Drive content fast, to view documents, search through files, and add desktop notifications for all new Google docs modifications
Version:Checker Plus for Google Drive 8.1.1
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1.6 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:October 13, 2021
Downloaded:1,733 times
Developer:Jason Savard


Checker Plus for Google Drive
is part of the larger suite of instruments developed by the same developer who brings extensive enhancements to your browser, via dedicated Google accessibility tools.
Considering how fast and easy to use Google services are, there is to be expected that additional services and products that integrate with your favorite Google instruments are going to be equally simple, easy, and fun to use.
Checker Plus for Google Drive is one of those extra lightweight Chrome extension that adds functionality to your browser without slowing down your machine or impacting the browser’s functionality.
You can easily install this browser enhancer and easily opt for Google authentication. Within a matter of seconds, you will have obtained quick and easy access to your Google Drive, without the need to always open a new browser window to view or browse your files.
Although it might sound a bit unpractical, you do have the option to navigate and manage all your Google Drive content from within Checker Plus’s dropdown menu; and that option is not at all uncomfortable to use, as the add-on’s Google Drive window is large enough to accomodate file browsing.
The extension’s functioning mechanism does not add extra functionality into Google Drive. It just serves as an effective content manager and file viewer instrument. The extension allows you to scroll through multiple sets of files, use the dedicated search function, open files and documents, or delete files and docs.
Also, a nice feature that is more sophisticated is the option to enable, through Chrome, the notifications for the desktop. As such, for example, you can be notified in real-time of any changes or adjustments done to documents owned by you (and shared with other users).
In conclusion, although this Chrome extension is not revolutionary, it works well, integrates seamlessly with the browser, and does reduce time and effort for those who have a lot of Google Drive data that they need to sort through.

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