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Cheap Impostor

Cheap Impostor

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Cheap Impostor

Description:Create books and booklets from PDF files.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Cheap Impostor is a simple yet powerful alternative to fancy imposition software. If you want to use your computer to make a book or a magazine, the final step before printing is called imposition. Cheap Impostor doesn’t offer all the features of high-end imposition software (which costs hundreds or thousands of dollars). Hence the name.

However, if you want to print and bind booklets, magazines, or even long books, this program might be all the imposition software you need.

What does it do? Let’s say you want to make a magazine from a document you’ve written. You would like to have the magazine be the size of a sheet of paper folded in half. Without imposition software the simplest way to transform your document into a magazine would be to use a photo-copier to shrink and re-order the pages so two fit sideways on a sheet of paper, and so that when a stack of them is stapled and folded in half the pages appear in the correct order.

The short story is that Cheap Impostor lets you skip the photocopier step, and produce output from your printer that can directly be turned into a magazine. Further, Cheap Impostor has settings that let you create books with multiple signatures. It comes with a simple “How-to guide”.

Feature overview:

Takes 1-up PDF input and produces 2-up output PDF
Reorders pages for magazines and books (sheets per signature can be varied from 1 to page-count / 4
Supports automatic and manual duplex printers, with and without collation
With shareware registration, supports:

Variable output page sizes: letter, legal, ledger, A3, A4, custom
Control over page zoom and horizontal and vertical offset of 2-up – accommodates variable input page sizes

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