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Chatty 0.15 / 0.16 Beta 1 for Windows

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Description:A full-featured Twitch chat client that allows simultaneous channel connections and enables you to communicate with other users outside your browser
Version:Chatty 0.15 / 0.16 Beta 1
File name:Chatty_0.15_win_setup.exe
File size:
12.4 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 12, 2021
Downloaded:4,025 times


provides you with a desktop chat client for the gaming broadcasting service that offers you an alternative to the dedicated webchat. It preserves the Twitch specific features, while trying to keep things simple in order to allow both beginners and advanced users to enjoy chatting without having to deal with complicated configuration options.
With respect to the online chat function, this application brings you some extra advantages. It can be run in several instances, enabling you to connect to various channels simultaneously and bundles a ‘Favorites’ section where you can store all the channels that you like.
In order to use the application, you must grant it permission to grab data related to your Twitch account. It uses the Oauth authentication method, so the account password is not required, in order to prevent data theft. Its appearance is similar to that of an IRC client, but its functionality is not by far as complex.
Chatty is capable of notifying you when followed channels go online or are not active. Channel administrators benefit from extra options, such as having the possibility to ban and timeout users, view the latest replicas of each user, set the stream title, run commercials, as well as monitor the number of viewers in real time.
The specific nick colors, user icons and the emoticons are still displayed, so the fun of the conversations doesn’t get lost. The fonts, colors and other display options are fully customizable and a list of users that recently joined or left the channel is also available. Important words in chat logs are highlighted, but you can also use the ‘Search’ function to find what you are looking for.
Chatty is intended for Twitch users who prefer a desktop application over using their web browser to chat with others. Its capabilities are to be appreciated by those who access on a daily basis, regardless of their experience level.

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