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Cent Browser (64-bit) for Windows

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App Name

Cent Browser

Description:A powerful browser based on Chrome
Version: (64-bit)
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Mar 23th, 2021
Author:Cent Browser


Cent Browser is a comprehensive web browser that lets you enjoy surfing your usual web pages with comfort and security in your daily life. This tool is based on Chrome, the open-source web browser developed by Google, so if you are used to Chrome then you won’t have any problem using this new tool.

Firstly, Cent Browser’s interface is almost identical to that of Google Chrome: a simple and minimalist design with functions that are found in the same places as its brother browser. To search anything you can use the full URL or type a word or a sentence in the same search bar, just like in any other browser. However, although it might look like almost an exact copy of the Google tool, this option has several extra features that let you get the most from your daily browsing.

Cent Browser has a powerful incognito navigation mode that will allow you to search anything without saving any data on your drive. Thanks to this system you can open any page, lookup data, or search anything you like without leaving the slightest trace of your search history. In addition to this, it also has a key-assign system that means you can carry out any function by pressing a combination of keys, making your life a lot easier.

Another function that Cent Browser offers is memory optimization, by which memory can be set to automatically delete itself. Thanks to this function you won’t accumulate unnecessary elements, meaning that you can always browse at a good speed, without the browser becoming slow. Try Cent Browser and browse comfortably and securely with its functions.

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