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CDXA Reader 1.6.6625 for Windows

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CDXA Reader

Description:CDXA Reader filter is needed when you play SVCD or XCD discs by bypassing the otherwise common error message you would get when trying to open such a file
Version:CDXA Reader 1.6.6625
File name:CDXA_Reader.exe
File size:
549 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 20, 2021
Downloaded:4,949 times


CDXA Reader
filter is an audio codec/DLL file needed when you play SVCD or XCD discs.
Normally whenever you would attempt at opening VCD, SVCD or XCD files, you would get an error message to a lack of built-in compatibility between the system OS and this particular file format. The only way of opening it is through the use of third-party programs of a particular nature.
For example, your system will first start scanning the entire file before trying to open it. This scanning process can last up to several minutes, depending on file size and complexity, only to be then prompted by an annoying error message telling you that “the file cannot be played.”
However, installing this small filter bypasses this otherwise annoying issue, allowing you to enjoy videos and movies without any other problems.
Installing CDXA Reader is however not as simple as other setup-based software tools, since you may need to unarchive, copy DLL and AX files to “system 32” and use “StartRun”, depending on whether you are using a newer or an older version.
this filer works with most of today’s multimedia players and is compatible with a large variety of Windows OS versions.

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