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Canal+ Yomvi for Windows

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App Name

Canal+ Yomvi

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Service available to Digital subscribers
Added date:


TV channels are expanding to the digital world and are starting to broadcast everything online that they do on television. Digital+ has joined along.

They’ve decided to launch a new service called Canal+ YOMVI that you can access from portable devices or, in this case, from the PC.

The difference is, in this case, Canal+ YOMVI offers you the entire catalog of Digital new-releases, including movies, TV shows, and sporting events to watch them at anytime; it’s like a free digital video rental service for customers.

If you already have Digital+ services contracted, Canal+ YOMVI is the perfect tool for your PC to watch that movie that you didn’t start on time, or to take your Canal+ services anywhere and watch live soccer games, movies, or episodes of your favorite TV show wherever you are, anytime.

Lastly, we should highlight that the quality offered by YOMVI is excellent, uncut, very fluid, and offers a comprehensive catalog, both free and paid.

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