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Calendar Sync + / Prerelease / 1.5.18275.02 Alpha for Windows

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Calendar Sync +

Description:Quickly synchronize the selected calendars from Outlook and Google accounts, with this simple to use, modern looking GUI application
Version:Calendar Sync + / Prerelease / 1.5.18275.02 Alpha
File name:CalendarSyncPlus.exe
File size:
3.6 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 64 bit
Updated on:October 24, 2021
Downloaded:2,388 times
Developer:Akanksha Gaur & Ankesh Dave


Calendar Sync +
is a reliable, easy to use program that allows you to quickly create/erase entries from the
Microsoft Outlook
and Google calendars. The application can quickly synchronize the two organizers within seconds, allowing you to stay up to date with events and appointments, no matter where you are.
Calendar Sync + allows you to keep your various organizers up to date and quickly transfer information from one account to another. The process takes a few seconds and allows you to synchronize the selected Outlook mailbox with the Google account. This way, the new entries in the email client are transferred to the online service and vice versa.
Similarly, if an event was erased from one account, the sync process cleans up the corresponding calendar as well. The program allows you to choose which Microsoft Outlook account you wish to use, then select the mailbox from the drop down menu. The program can detect the current configuration, which means that Outlook is required for a successful sync.
Calendar Sync + features a modern looking Windows 8 look-alike interface, which notifies you on the most recent sync processes and the results. The application can perform the task on demand or according to schedule: every hour, every day or every month.
For higher performance reasons, only fragments of both calendars are synchronized. The duration can be manually set and includes the current day, plus a few others in the past and in the future. Zero is a supported value for this option.
Calendar Sync + allows you to quickly update both Outlook and the Google calendars, in order to quickly check your agenda anywhere you are. The program can perform the task on demand or according to a schedule that you can configure. The most recent sync and the next task dates are displayed in the interface.

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