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BuzzBundle 2.63.4 for Windows

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Description:Simultaneously manage multiple accounts across various social networks
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 31rd, 2021


If you have a business or webpage and you want to increase your search engine and social media presence, one not-quite-ethical way to do so is by generating a bunch of fake profiles to use on social networks, forums, and blogs, to help generate traffic to your site. The thing with that process is, if you’re the only one working on it, it’s a long, arduous, and tedious project.

BuzzBundle is an application that helps you create an unlimited number of virtual people. All you have to do is enter some basic information, and the application takes care of creating accounts for them on whatever social networks, blogs, and forums you choose. You can even provide information like email addresses in such a way that those sites that require email validation are automatically taken care of.

Once you’ve created your profiles, you can easily go from one to the other with tabs, and publish messages on any social network. You can retweet, send private messages, add images… all kinds of publications without ever leaving the program.

You can also add key words related to your site to make sure to track related mentions and posts.

There’s no doubt that this is an excellent way to make as much Internet noise as possible from one application, without having to run through the register/login/logout cycle again and again.

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