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Broforce for Windows

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Description:A flood of action in 2D
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 4th, 2012
Author:Free Lives


Broforce is an action game in 2D in which you will control a group of mercenaries that must embark on a series of missions in which they will have to kill everyone and destroy everything.

And one of the most interesting things about Broforce is the ability you’ll have to destroy the level in any way you please, being able to launch entire fragments of the level through the air by just shooting something enough times.

While the game is mainly designed for action, in Broforce you will also find certain strategic elements that will force you to carefully watch each and every one of your footsteps, because otherwise you will end up with your poor band of mercenaries in pieces.

The best thing about Broforce is the ability to play all the missions in local co-op, allowing you to ally with a friend to destroy all your enemies with much more effectiveness.

Broforce is a very fun game, with brilliantly retro graphics, that has enough characters, enemies, weapons, and levels to keep you busy for hours.

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