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BriskBard 2.7.0 for Windows

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Description:Browse the internet with this light and complete explorer
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Requires Android 4.1 or higher
Added date:Sep 13th, 2021
Author:Salvador Diaz Fau


BriskBard is a really complete web browser that lets you explore any type of webpage, taking full advantage of your connection speed, and also offers you a series of really interesting features that make it stand out from all the other independently developed web browsers.

Besides offering you a surprisingly fast browsing experience, BriskBard also gives you access to a number of really useful additional features, all unified inside the same program; you can play any multimedia content from your digital library, access a really complete e-mail manager, check the news, chat with your contacts using IRC based messaging systems and manage your contacts. All of this can be done using a really useful tab system that lets you perform all these different tasks simultaneously and easily alternate between them.

BriskBard’s resource usage optimization lets you perform a huge number of tasks without slowing down the system. BriskBard is a really great web explorer alternative which has features that compete against even the most popular of programs.

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