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Brave Browser (Nightly) 1.30.30 for Android

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App Name

Brave Browser (Nightly)

Description:Be the first to try Brave Browser’s newest features
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 19th, 2021
Author:Brave Software


Brave Browser (Nightly) is simply another version of Brave Browser with all the latest features added. This means you can try all the newest features before they are released for the standard version, but, this browser is less stable than the standard version. Of course, it’s entirely possible to have both versions on the same device.

Brave Browser (Nightly) doesn’t have plugins or external settings to set-up or manage. The app automatically provides the fastest and safest browsing experience, without pop-ups, malware, or any other annoying issues. In other words, Brave Browser (Nightly) offers a user experience almost identical to the standard version, but with new features with every update.

Brave Browser (Nightly) has the best features of the original Brave browser: faster loading times, improved performance, and adblocking. In the long run, these features will save time as you surf the web in your everyday life. Of course, you’ll not only save time but also data.

Brave Browser (Nightly) is an excellent Android web browser that offers a fast and secure web browsing experience with all the features one would expect from a modern web browser, such as tabs, the ability to change the search engine, and more.

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