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BoarderZone FileBrowser 0.20 Build 805 for Windows

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BoarderZone FileBrowser

Description:A simple to use application that allows you to browse through the contents of any folder stored on your computer, through a set of plugins
Version:BoarderZone FileBrowser 0.20 Build 805
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18.7 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 28, 2021
Downloaded:3,174 times
Developer:BoarderZone Software Development


BoarderZone FileBrowser
is a reliable software that you can use in order to view the contents of folders and handle several types of files. The software comes with a set of plugins that allow advanced users to manipulate the files contained within certain directories.
BoarderZone FileBrowser comes with a set of plugins and allows you to add custom ones as well. The purpose of these appendices is to provide you with a certain functionality that is generally missing from the operating system, for a specific type of files. Thus, with BoarderZone FileBrowser, you can easily enable these sets of functions and allow users access to the above mentioned files.
For instance, by default, BoarderZone FileBrowser allows you to open less common file formats using the FileTime Editor, the Disk Editor or the HEX Viewer. The Disk Editor can display any file as data sets and in ASCII characters, while the HEX Viewer renders the document in the specified code.
BoarderZone FileBrowser displays the contents of your hard drive as an expandable tree structure. Selecting a particular folder displays its contents as additional nodes if they are subfolders and as a list if they are files. The software also renders certain information about each selected file, such as name, type, path, size, date modified, attributes, if available and target.
BoarderZone FileBrowser also enables you to create or edit logging levels. You can select an entry from the list and change its level from Fatal, Error, Warning, Information, Debugging or all of the options. Otherwise, you can create a custom logger and add it to the list. The software also features system information detectors, such as clipboard, event or thread monitors.
BoarderZone FileBrowser supports being operated both through its GUI or from the command line. Both environments allow you to use the same functions, such as changing the loggers’ levels, editing variables and view their syntax. The Java-based application is highly flexible and allows you to customize its functions in order to fit your requirements.

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