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Bloodshed Dev C++ 5.0 beta 9.2 for Windows

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Bloodshed Dev C++

Description:Complete IDE to develop programs in C
Version:5.0 beta 9.2
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Apr 25th, 2005
Author:Free Software Foundation, Inc.


Dev-C is an integrated development environment to program in the C language. It uses the MinGW compiler or any other variant of the GCC family.

It is a practical environment developed on Delphi that stands out for its clarity and simplicity. It has all the basic functionalities, like customizable purifying, the ability to add libraries, and a help section capable of recognizing syntax.

It is capable of detecting closing symbols and specific indentation. All of these characteristics make it ideal for educational purposes. Even though the original version hasn’t been updated since 2005 (although it has forks done by third parties) it still is one of the more popular IDEs out there.

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