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Blokada Slim 5.15.0 for Android

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App Preview

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App Name

Blokada Slim

Description:Block unwanted content while browsing
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 16th, 2021


Blokada is a lightweight and compact app that will block all ads, malware, and other annoyances automatically, without you having to worry or configure anything at all. The app can help you protect your privacy while simultaneously increasing your navigation speed, preventing your device from downloading unnecessary content.

Using Blokada is as simple as pressing one button and confirming when the window pops up requesting permission. Once the app is activated, you can also see a counter with all the elements blocked in the lower left corner.

Blokada works automatically with all the apps you have installed on your device – not only with your browser. And it doesn’t require root. You just have to open it, activate it, and forget about it as it runs in the background, blocking all the content that doesn’t interest you.

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