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Bird bnb 1.29 for Android

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App Name

Bird bnb

Description:Manage a fun bed and breakfast for birds
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 31rd, 2021


Bird Bnb is a casual game where you help Pepper and Mango, two sweet birds who run a bed and breakfast. To help their business prosper, you have to design your tree, build bird baths, tend the garden, and do everything you can to make all your clients happy.

Gameplay in Bird Bnb is pretty simple, relaxing, and slow. Your main objective is to build bird baths for your tree to attract new clients. Part of the charm of a bed and breakfast is that breakfast is served, so there’s that, too, and you also need to tend the garden at the base of the tree.

One of the best parts of Bird Bnb is how many kinds of birds visit your inn. All the birds that spend the night are inspired by real birds from different parts of the world and carefully designed to look like them. What’s more, you can take pictures the birds and save the photos to your gallery.

Bird Bnb is an excellent casual game with an original and fun premise, plus beautiful graphics. It’s the perfect game for anyone who loves animals and wants to relax.

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