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Between 5.6.0 for Android

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Description:Communicate and make memories as a couple!
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 31rd, 2021


Between is an app that’s created specifically for couples. With it, you and another person can be in almost constant contact within a private space. Here, you can share text messages, photos, keep track of important dates, and so much more.

To start using Between, you’ll need to sign up as a couple. During the signup process, you’ll have to enter the same code as your partner, so it’s important to sign up at the same time. In fact, you’ll only have 24 hours to enter this code before it expires.

Between is basically an instant messaging client where you’ll only have one contact: your significant other. That said, it also includes tons of other features as well. You can send photos, videos, and custom stickers. Plus, you can easily create dates and events, and automatically invite the other person.

Between is an app that couples who enjoy staying in constant contact are sure to love. It may not offer anything that traditional messaging apps can’t offer, but it does let you give your partner some extra special treatment through your smartphone.

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