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Beat Stomper 1.0.4 for Android

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App Name

Beat Stomper

Description:Jump up, shoot down, and jump up again
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Apr 10th, 2021
Author:Rocky Hong


Beat Stomper is an arcade platformer with a musical touch where you have to try to get as high as you can. To do so you have to jump from platform to platform, keeping in mind that your character (who is a block) can bounce off the walls to change its trajectory.

The game system in Beat Stomper is very simple: tapping once on the screen makes the block shoot up to other platforms and tapping again makes the block shoot down with force. Your aim is to get the block to fall on the next platform, moving a little higher each time.

One of the most unique things about Beat Stomper is the music. Actually, it’s best to play with headphones. While you play, there’s a catchy electronic soundtrack playing in the background to let you know when to move your block in time with the rhythm. The higher you go, the faster the rhythm gets.

Beat Stomper is an excellent arcade platformer that combines simple and fun game mechanics with amazing graphics and sublime music. The visual style of the game also continues to change as you advance.

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