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Bazaar 14.1.0 for Android

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Description:Iran’s top app store
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 16th, 2021


Bazaar is the number one app store in Iran. Now you can download all your favorite apps (literally, thousands) for Android, in Persian. Unlike Google Play, you won’t be needing to log in or create a new user account in order to download apps. Just tap and you’re ready to download.

In Bazaar, all your apps are perfectly organized by category. Browse through messaging apps, photo editors, video games, and much more. Plus, you’ll get full technical information about each app, including screenshots and important details on how they run.

From your setting options you can set up which language you want Bazaar to appear in — English or Persian. Plus, you can check to make sure that Bazaar keeps all your apps updated automatically. If you rooted your smartphone, you’ll also find that you can automate updating and installs.

Bazaar is a fine app for anyone in Iran. Thanks to Bazaar you can access content in Persian and pick and choose your favorite apps from their colossal selection. It should be noted, all the apps you’ll find in Bazaar are completely legal.

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