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Basecamp 2.1.0 for MAC

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Description:Manage projects remotely with your entire team
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Mar 25th, 2020


Basecamp 3 is a free and comprehensive program that makes it possible to work remotely, yet still manage and organize tasks with the rest of your team. If you need a tool that lets you work with others at a distance, while still maintaining order and control over work completed, this option will help you complete your projects down to the very last detail, as a team.

This program offers a way for an entire team to work together from anywhere in the world, without any loss of communication. It has a minimalist interface that provides a clear and straightforward work environment for you to manage tons of projects and tasks without missing a beat.

The first thing you have to do after you’ve invited your coworkers is create the work spaces where each group or person will work. Everything that’s added to the different areas can be accessed in real time by the rest of the members. This makes it possible for everyone to work together simultaneously without stepping on anyone’s toes. In the main menu, you can access each project and team with just a click.

Basecamp 3 is a great program for bringing together and organizing all the workers from any company in a single virtual working environment. Here, you can perfectly store and organize spreadsheets, presentations, contacts, emails, calendars, and everything you need in neatly separated spaces. Plus, it offers a powerful search feature to help you find anything you need instantly. This way you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips and improve productivity and efficiency thanks to this tool’s excellent features.

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