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Bandicut Video Cutter for Windows

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App Name

Bandicut Video Cutter

Description:Trim any video quickly and easily
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Requires Windows XP or higher
Added date:Nov 25th, 2021
Author:Bandicam Company


If you need to trim a video you have stored on your computer and you don’t want to use complicated editing tools like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, or Sony Vegas to do so, Bandicut Video Cutter is a simple application that you can use to trim your videos however you want, quickly and easily.

The Bandicut Video Cutter is pretty intuitive and makes trimming videos so much easier. First, choose the video you want to trim and place it in the editing bar to break it up. You can select the part you want to cut from the timeline or use the numbers on the left.

Once you have the section of video you want to cut selected, all you have to do is tap on the start button and the application will do the rest. It’s worth mentioning that trimming videos isn’t the only thing Bandicut Video Cutter can do. You can also use it to combine video clips or extract the audio from your videos.

Bandicut Video Cutter is a simple application you can use to edit your videos however you like even if you don’t have a lot of experience, whether or not you have more powerful applications installed on your computer.

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