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Bandicam for Windows

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Description:Records everything that happens on your screen, even video games
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 20th, 2021
Author:Bandicam Company


Bandicam is an application that allows you to record everything that happens on your screen, including any program that uses graphic technologies DirectX or OpenGL, such as the majority of modern video games.

The program’s configuration options allow you to modify the quality and size of the video, the type of codex that you want to use, the frames per second, the channels and the bit rate of the audio, or even whether you want the mouse cursor to appear or not.

Thanks to Bandicam’s internal compression tool, the recorded videos will take up less space than normal videos with the same image quality. Also, it will rarely cause lags in the video game.

Bandicam is a very useful tool for any user interested in recording videos of video games or making tutorials for Windows. It’s easy controls and good results make it an excellent option.

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