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Avabel 8.13.1 for Android

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Description:Quality massively multiplayer on your Android terminal
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 30th, 2021


Avabel is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the same line as classics of the Phantasy Star Online genre, in which the players will be able to enter into a fantasy world with aesthetics halfway between the middle-ages, renaissance and the future.

Before starting a round on Avabel we will have to create our character, which will be able to have any gender we want and belong to any of the four main classes: warriors, magicians, acolytes or rangers. Each class is especially gifted at certain skills, which will of course improve as we gain experience and level up.

Avabel, like most of the games in this genre, has a linear development in which the characters will be able to follow an established story, which will advance as we complete missions. In this game mode we will be able to talk with other players from around the world and with NPC´s, buy items, and participate in battles, etcetera.

We will also be able to enter into a kind of battle arena, in which we will be able to enjoy different modes like PvP, GvG; player versus player, or guild versus guild. In these modes, we will be able to demonstrate our worth and gain some exclusive benefits.

Avabel is an excellent multiplayer game, which for its graphic section and services could well be a game for a computer but which we can also enjoy from our Android terminal (either cellphone or tablet).

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