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Autoruns 14.0 for Windows

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Description:Control which programs start automatically on Windows
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 25th, 2021
Author:Mark Russinovich


When you open a new Windows session, certain programs start automatically. If you find this annoying, you need Autoruns. With Autoruns, you can control all of this, since it will show you in just a few seconds all of the applications that start automatically every time you turn on the computer.

From Autoruns, you can select which programs you don’t want to start automatically by eliminating that option in the Windows Registry or by finding information on Google’s .exe file to make sure that they no longer open each time.

You can also permanently delete any .exe files that were harming the stability of your PC.

In addition, you can get the necessary information from the DLL files for each new Windows startup, and you can even control browser extensions and Windows Explorer itself.

With Autoruns, you can optimize the speed of your PC by making sure only certain programs open automatically at the start of each session.

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